Goa holidays – perfect beach vacations

Tourist places in Goa

Goan heritage has the years of historical past, manifest in wealthy traditions and a novel Goan culture that is also evident in its buildings and monuments. Liberated in the year 1961 from the centuries of Portuguese rule, nonetheless, Goa retains its Indian core- with a western veneer! In the history of Goa, the Portuguese rule marks a period of economic prosperity. The Portuguese rule transformed the state into a prosperous and modern port to the extent that Goa came to be known as ‘The Rome of the east’!

Goans in general are religious people- whether they are Hindus, Christians or Muslims. The vast number of temples and churches in modern Goa bears testimony to this.

The people are tolerant towards other religions and Religious fundamentalism is alien to Goan culture.

Traditionally, the Goan staple was fish curry and rice, but under Portuguese influence there developed a distinctive cuisine that combined the flavours of Indian and European cooking with local ingredients being used to approximate the authentic Portuguese taste. The spicy, succulent seafood of Goa is as famous as the golden beaches and lush landscape of this premier tourist destination of India.

"Goan recipes are usually an exotic mixture of Indian and Latin cuisines. Goa is very well known for it's fish and meat dishes. Most dishes have a base flavoring of onions fried in oil and a typical mixture of spices cooked in coconut milk."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Goa Beach House

Goa Beach House offers many types of rooms to the people to stay here like : the executive rooms, cottages, suites and even the chalets. It is also equipped with all possible means of recreation that the tourists desire from it including ways to cater to the various kinds of tourism requirements.

Holiday Inn Goa

Holiday Inn Goa boasts of a gorgeous driveway decked up with colonial lights anda big garden alongside the porch. The suites and rooms of this hotel provide luxurious beds, cupboards, sofa chairs, satellite television and temperature control.

Weather in Goa

Goa weather is more than a gift and a reviving experience to the tourists and perfectly complements the city. Stunning Goan beaches and the pleasant nights leave memories to be cherished for a lifetime. The weather in Goa will never disappoint you.

Maps of Goa

Goa map allows tourists to take the journey around Goa at their own pace without having to worry and stress over anything. More importantly, with the provided information, tourist feel a level of freedom from guides and unsolicited advice.

North Goa and South Goa

In Southern Goa you will find Quiet and relaxing beaches- together with places of historical curiosity and a wildlife sanctuary- can your vacation get any better? It is a haven for people, looking to escape from crowds - Are you planning your Goa holidays now?

In North Goa there are breathtaking waterfalls and scenes of picturesque beauty. The central area mainly consists of plateaus and many of which jut out into the sea. Do not forget to take a look at the famous peaks like Sattari Taluka or Morlemgad here.

Land of Parshuram

The legend goes this way- Parashuram asked the sea to recede so that he could create a territory for himself. He shot an arrow from the Western Ghats. The place where the arrow landed was to be the spot from which the seas were ordered to recede. This region is known as Konkan.

Culture of Goa

In Goan culture, westernized influence is definitely prominent in some parts of Goa and it displays within the culture which is an inheritance from the Portuguese. The uniform civil code, conferring equality amongst citizens, irrespective of the faith or sex, is a unique facet of the Goan society.

Pros and Cons

There is a constant conflict about the sharing of limited resources as the locals come into direct contact with the tourists. A repeated littering of the pristine beaches, shortage of drinking water and traffic congestion on the streets! - There are no institutionalized measures to solve these conflicts in a swift manner!

Goan Politics

After the liberation, Goa had 2 main political parties - the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and the United Goans Democratic Party. The former primarily based their electoral aspirations on the Hindus in the state, while the latter was primarily a party based on the Christian electorate.